Monday, 26 November 2012

Big Buns!

Fashion isn't just about clothing, its many things, like the way you do your make-up, the food you eat and your hair styles. For a while having a messy bun almost on the front of my head was my thing because it was easy to do and looked effortless! I've gone for a more neat and sophisticated look and I'm loving it! Its so simple to do and takes about 5 minutes to achieve so its perfect for when you haven't got time to wash your hair in the morning or you're just going to uni and can't be bothered making an effort OR looks great for a night out! Messy bun is now for when I'm alone in my flat watching the TV in my pjs. The doughnut bun - helping you enjoy doughnuts in a different kind of way. :)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

V is for Vintage.

This is my favourite top at the moment and its a vintage baseball T from Rokit in London, my big sister works there and bought it for my birthday this year, I don't normally wear vintage clothing but this top might make me change my mind about vintage. First shop I'm visiting when I go to London is definitely 100% ROKIT!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Beautiful Backs!

Hi readers!
When looking through my wardrobe the other day I noticed a recurring trend in this year... Detailing on the back of garments that have quite a plain front. This made me think, what is the point in this? People aren't going to see it much? But I quite like this trend! Its quite different from having loads on the front of an outfit and turning round to see nothing. This is one of the tops I thought I'd blog about, its from All Saints and I bought it in London earlier this year. It has a cowel neckline so isn't too plain on the front but as for detail the popper buttons down the back are the only other asset and I absolutely love it! I also bought a French Connection dress earlier this month which is a dark green colour but has a bright yellow zip on the back the whole way from the top to the bottom which is pretty cool huh? Makes a change from my usual LBD anyway!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Jods Away!

OH MY DAYS its been soo long since my last blog post, my apologies everyone I've been a busy lady!
So, has anyone else noticed the increase in the amount of sports wear people have started adding to their everyday wear? I have. I'm not sure if I like it!
The odd garment I've been seeing a lot of recently are JODHPURS! These are the tight (sometimes slightly uncomfortable) thick legging type trousers we wear when horse riding. Zara have started selling a trouser which are extremely similar to jodhpurs and although they are quite nice in colour I'd prefer to keep mine for the stables!
I wear mine for going out on my horse, and flying through the muddy countryside so when I was home this weekend I thought I'd ask my Dad to take a photo of me in the environment where I wear my jodhpurs! :)
Let me know what you think about all this! Sports wear... JUST for sport? Or every day?

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hello Adidas!

I first saw these in various shoe stores when I was in London earlier this year and couldn't get them out of my head, now they have made an appearance in Aberdeen I WANT them again! For an outfit they can be worn so many different ways, with skirts and tights (and the cute new socks I bought in TopShop!) or with skinny jeans or leggings and a baggy T. So.. Will someone pleeease buy them for me?! I'd literally wear them every day of my life!! Let me know if you love them to! :)

Friday, 5 October 2012

Winter is apon us!

Winter is honestly my favourite season! So many cosey clothes! So today at work I bought myself a beaut Barbour jacket to keep me warm walking to and from work. (of course) its black and has gold details on it which goes with my Michael Kors gold watch! Resuuult! Need to get a cosey scarf to go with and I'll be sorted! OH! And few weeks ago I bought Uggs too, they're unbelievably comfortable and keep my toesies warm! Yaaaay!! Working at Cruise makes me poor! :( But I LOVE it! Enjoy guys!
I was going to post about my shoe and sock choice for this morning but I ran out of time and was almost late for work! So here it is! Basically, I bought these cuuuute socks with a frilly top from TopShop yesterday just to add a little girly touch to my outfit! The shoes were bought sometime last year and as you can see by the scuffs I adore them! They're quite quirky and luckily I haven't seen anyone else with them on (SUCCESS!) I wore these with a high waisted skirt and a lace top for work today and I thought it looked quite classic with a girly edge! Think I'm going to have to buy some more of these socks too... :)